When HR Should Partner with an Executive Recruiter to Find Specialized Talent

Luring, procuring, and retaining top rated talent is difficult at this time. Really hard, even in tough financial systems. When employees leave the other position, to go off by themselves, personal reasons or retirement life, the process to fill in which vacancy can be daunting. Additional stress and workload with the void doesn’t help issues.

The result is that HR is essentially left in the dark about the company’s long-term business objectives and must continuously play catch-up, rather than being able to proactively improve strategic candidate sourcing to best plan for the future. At a time when good talent is increasingly difficult to find, elevating the role of recruiters into strategic business partners who understand the current and future gaps and how they can fill them, will deliver a significant hiring advantage.

Recruiters should be thought of as the chosen hitter of your team. Merely because they live and breathe talent and skill acquisition. For today’s recruiters, there’s no shortage of new. New ideas on how to become better recruiters. New systems. New conferences. New tools. New techniques. New tips. New “best practices.” New processes. New blog posts. New communities of practice. New social media sites.

How can a recruiter bring value to hiring managers along with human resources professionals?
– Build alignment with hiring managers: By partnering with hiring managers, recruiters gain a better understanding of company objectives and the talent that is needed, enabling them to work proactively to source right-fit talent.
– Recruiters might make the application process more individuals by performing the initial analysis, pre-interview prep and post-interview debriefing for candidate.
– Consistently deliver the best talent possible: Consistently bringing the best people on board will help to elevate the recruiting function.

Make sure you inform the recruiters as to what EXACTLY, SPECIFICALLY, they will do as a representative to attract talent. Some companies only send resumes away job boards or LinkedIn. Some have aggressive research processes where they discover talent that is not actively hunting. Ask them what their talent acquisition strategy is. Should a great process is important to your account don’t just hire the recruiter because they agree to a minimal fee. Next, you should be relaxed that their process, with their experience will yield a new portfolio of outstanding talent.

In order to identify, evaluate and ultimately hire the best candidates, recruiters must be in full alignment with organizational needs and priorities. When recruiters serve as business partners, they gain a better understanding of where the company wants to go, and the type of talent needed to get there. As a result, they can improve effective recruiting strategies and deliver a steady supply of right-fit talent able to overcome current challenges and meet future goals.

If attracting, choosing and procuring top talent is proving to much harder than anticipated, it might be the perfect time to wave the white flag and bring in reinforcements.

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