Survivor’s Guide to Working Remotely from Home

Working from home seems like heaven – the commute is minimal, there are no arguments about whose turn it is to make the tea round, and you can even work in your pajamas.

However there can be problems working from home. It can be hard to manage client expectations: there are all those little distracting home chores which you just need to go and sort before you get on with your client work.

Flexibility can be in the form of flexible start times, condensed work weeks or work from home options. The most popular option is working remotely. Today, there are more people working from home than ever.

Working from home have some very strong pros and cons to consider. Like, independence and control in your workday with the ability to structure work hours around your own schedule and family commitments. Tax advantages – you may be entitled to claim office equipment and utility costs. Save time and money on commuting costs.

The cons to working from home need to be thoughtfully weighed when presented with a work from home option. Household distractions and family interruptions. Having to secure childcare for when you’re working. Can be isolating and lonely. Lack of IT support. Must be self-motivated and organized everyday

There are some best practices to help reduce the impact of the cons. These include:
– A quiet place to think. Ideally, one with a door that shuts–especially if you live with other people, and especially if you have a family.
– Be disciplined. make yourself the client: update your website or your reel, check in with existing clients or potential new ones, spend some time doing training, and if you spend that day on personal work, make sure it is in a format that can be used for self-publicity.
– Take a break. If you find your attention wandering, take a 10-minute break. One of the great things about working from home is that you can work at your own pace and in a style that suits you.
– Create boundaries. One common problem with working for yourself – and particularly from home – is that you suddenly become permanently available in the eyes of your friends. People assume that you can pop over to them for lunch “because you don’t have to get back to the office.”

Working from home is great if you’re prepared for it. If you’re not prepared, it can really be a blow and a setback for your career. These tips will help you work from home while still getting stuff done.

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