Increase Employee Satisfaction to Retain Your Top Talent

“Making a living is no longer enough,” wrote management guru Peter Drucker. “Work also has to make a life.” If you want to keep good people, their work needs to provide them with meaning – a sense they are doing something important, that they are fulfilling their destiny. At the end of the day, these psychological needs are likely to be as important, and perhaps more important, than the salary you pay.

To keep your best people, then, you need to make sure they are personally committed to the goals of the organization, and that they feel those goals are worth achieving. And you need to make certain they feel they are playing a suitably significant role in reaching those goals.

How does a company work as a place that achieves minimal turnover and retains the top talent? It begins along with a management that is accessible in addition to empower. Management and operatives should be approachable. They should consult with direct reports to recognize people team members that are “caught” excelling or demonstrating best practices. Unanticipated recognition is very powerful! In place of celebrating birthdays, celebrate do the job anniversaries with a lunch functioned by top management to help honor employee dedication.

There are many key areas to look at any time embarking on a culture in which re-recruits the best talent:

1. Flexible work hours, such as enabling staff to start or finish at different times to fit their schedule.
2. Extra vacation days so your team can come back to work refreshed and reinvigorated. Provide generous personal time frame, incentives and other “perks” including trips, gym memberships, etc.
3 . Provide opportunities to get professional development.
4. Compensate well based on skill. Know the market value of your staff members.
5. Take the team out for a lunch or host an afternoon get-together after completing a complex project.

Developing a re-recruiting plan are easily done, but should be considered a living document. The plan really should be updated as the job environment changes. Remember, the goal of this is to always have the best offer sourced from within.

Here are four easy ways:

1. Remember to offer routine recognition routinely. It sounds simple, but it’s commonly overlooked. Identify and prioritize targets
2. Develop personalized retention plans.
3. Identify which are good candidates for re-recruiting.
4. Identify in addition to prioritize opportunities to as well as shift top talent.

Re-recruiting is not simply keeping a team member, but re-energizing them. It is renewing all their enthusiasm. This helps to keep these individuals from entering a entrain and becoming frustrated. Re-recruiting in addition allows a company to judge known individuals for vacancies or new positions. This can be reinvestment in staff in which decreases turnover and recovery time while increasing profits coming from maintained productivity.

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