How a Strategic Hiring Process Really Works

Regardless of what industry you read about, locating top talent is a challenge. Within today’s fast-paced world, the objective of obtaining quality hires feels more and more difficult to achieve. Often the reality…it isn’t as tricky as it seems. This time we consider a look at some best practices with attracting and procuring top rated talent.

There are many benefits to using email in recruiting, the most obvious of which is that it’s prevalent. Everyone uses email, and with the advent of smart phones and tablets, it’s readily accessible and allows for immediate interaction. Although beneficial in the long run, recruiters are met with a special set of challenges when seeking out top quality talent via email.

When recruiting by means of email, it is important to understand what compels a potential candidate to actually look at email. This includes a personalized email with their name, spelled correctly, that addresses issues within their specific industry. Often the message should not be too short as well as too long, but shows that often the sender has taken the time to recognize their pain. The pain can be work/life balance or considerably better pay or benefits. All of candidates are considered passive until eventually proven otherwise.

The next realistic step in the recruitment course of action is reviewing resumes. Set aside a block of time whenever possible. Part of resume screening is comparing one candidate’s qualifications and credentials to those listed in the other resumes you have received. Scan the resume to obtain an overall impression of the applicant. Look especially for a flawless presentation, correct spelling and grammar, and their attention to detail. Paper resumes must pass the “feel” test.

The art of converting a top aspirant into a quality hire all hangs on time. Too quick of the hiring process makes the business look desperate. Desperation will never be a great impression. Too long of the process and the candidate turns into frustrated and often starts feeling that this is what the customs of the firm might be (i. e. slow and indecisive). The best talent will also be exposed to what the competition can give and may not be available after you ultimately decide to hire him/her.

Organizations create a bad impression when interviewers are poorly prepared, in a rush or clueless about the candidate or the position. An arrogant, superior attitude is a real turn-off. While it’s not always possible to create a perfect interview environment, you can ensure the best possible results with some simple practices. Brief hiring managers and supply candidate resumes well in advance of the interview. Be certain HR and hiring managers schedule ample time for each interview. Make interviewing easier by creating a library of sample questions from which interviewers can pick and choose.

Efficient emails, realizing resumes usually are documents of potential, knowing that| perfection does not exist, in addition to timing decisions correctly won’t only attract more top natural talent, but gain more good quality hires.


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