Employee Motivation Through Goals and Rewards

Employee recognition fulfills the psychological needs and desires of employees. Team members feel valued, and in turn, are more likely to stay with the organization.

They are also a great way to attract top talent to the organization.  The key to any recognition program is to know which rewards motivate.

The easiest, simplest and inexpensive way is a something we have all been taught to do since childhood. Almost 58% of employees seldom receive a “thank you” from their managers for a job well done. These two simple words can make all the difference.

Flexibility is the most desired perk. Flexible options increase engagement, motivation and satisfaction.  This includes work from home options, flexible hours and paid time off.

Professional development and advancement opportunities, is the third most attractive benefit.  Engaged employees are your biggest asset.

Over time they will plateau in their positions and become bored.  Holding seminars, exhibitions, workshops and encouraging employees to participate and then awarding the employee for participation in these events also derives motivation and recognition for employees involved.

Lastly, the working environment is another factor to motivate and retain good employees.  Encourage collaboration and constructive socialization.

It is often during casual “office talk” that some of the best ideas and innovations occur.  Keeping an open door policy will encourage the staff to share their ideas with management.  Group breakfasts or lunches are a great way to bring the entire organization together.

Work environment also includes the physical space.  Many organizations have embraced the open office concept.  Some have had fantastic results, while others have not.

Soliciting employee feedback prior to making any radical changes to the work space can ensure that any renovations work for those who have to live within it.  Small changes such as group work spaces, comfortable chairs or couches, even standing desks can be incorporated to an existing work space for less than a complete office renovation.

Any small changes can make a huge positive impact to employees.

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